Relationship Status: Hidden

I hate relationships.

I hate that I can’t share secrets from the depth of my soul.

I despise the fact that I can’t muster up the guts to cast down barriers:

I fear.

I fear the reactions of my loved ones.

I fear they might feel obliged to reciprocation.

I fear that I might smother them.

But I want them to love me for me-


My feelings,

Well those I toss aside.

My feelings cloud the reality of my relationships.

My feelings fluctuate parallel to my beating heart-

fast-paced, non rhythmic.

They might just

Entangle me.


I love. I love people, places. I don’t love things. I’m in love with ideas, especially the idea that love exists. It exists in numerous forms. And when it comes to meeting new people, we think nothing of a future relationship with them. But someway along the way- though very faint at first-there’s a strong connection. One you can’t dispel. It grows and grows and grows. Then link fails to escape your view. All you see is the LINK. And that’s when your feelings entangle you.


To all terrorized by feelings: Carpe Diem.

CIAO, now.


2 thoughts on “Relationship Status: Hidden

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